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Singapore - 055


I travelled 2008 my first time to Singapore and I was very impressed of the absolute cleanliness of the city. During the day it was so warm that you could not go for a...


Teipei – Taiwan

We visited Taipei during a stopover on our way to New Zealand 2013. We had 17 hours time before taking our next connecting flight. The airport offers a free guided tour for tourists. We...


Boracay – Philippines

Boracay is the Beach Capital of the Philippines and is of one the major destinations in the world. In fact, Boracay is often called „the world’s most beautiful tropical island“. Boracay is known as...


Manila – Philippines

I visited Manila 2011 during a Business Trip. I asked for a visit of the old town district, but my colleagues advised me not to do it. One afternoon we went with our transfer...


Stockholm – Sweden

  Stockholm in black&white. In the Gallery section you can find also an album in colour.  


Lofoten – Norway

Lofoten is an archipelago and a traditional district in the county of Nordland, Norway. Lofoten is known for a distinctive scenery with dramatic mountains and peaks, open sea and sheltered bays, beaches and untouched...


Essen – Zeche Zoll Verein (Coal Mine)

The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex (German Zeche Zollverein) is a large former industrial site in the city of Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. It has been inscribed into the UNESCO list of World Heritage...